The 7 Best 28-30 Inch Bathroom Vanity Brands of 2023

The 7 Best 28-30 Inch Bathroom Vanity Brands of 2023

Published by Ossy Chandiyana on May 5th 2023

The Best 28-30 Inch Bathroom Vanities of 2023: When it comes to smaller bathrooms, choosing the right vanity is crucial for maximizing style and functionality. For those of you shopping for small or medium-sized 28-30 inch bathroom vanities, know that you're in the right place. Today this article will provide a quick and efficient guide to the best small vanity brands and models of 2023, tailored specifically for those looking for the perfect balance between build quality, price, and design. Whether you're remodeling your bathroom or just in need of a new vanity, be sure to explore these top brands and their compact, luxurious options. Here's our top list of the 7 best 28-30 inch bathroom vanity brands of 2023, in no particular order.

Top 7 28-30-Inch Bathroom Vanities Brands 2023

1. Bohemia Lina Collection: 30 Inch Floating Bathroom Vanity with Sink in Rosewood


The Bohemia Lina Collection is a floating vanity collection available in multiple colors from high gloss black, high gloss white, to natural oak, New England oak, rosewood, and so forth.

Although titled as a 30-inch vanity, the 30" Bohemia Lina Floating Vanity measures 29.4 inches wide across, which can be a great focal point for smaller to medium-sized bathrooms.

Growing in popularity in accordance to the 2023 trend of natural wood grain or oak vanities, the floating Bohemia Lina series is the perfect small to medium-sized vanity that can help warm up any bathroom.

Perfect for a touch of class, warmth, and luxurious age to your bathroom, whether you're going for a more traditional farmhouse look, or a more modern, clean, or minimal vibe. No matter the look, the Bohemia Lina Floating Vanity Collection has a color and size perfect for your vision.

View the 30-Inch Bohemia Lina Floating Vanity here.

Explore the full collection of all Bohemia Lina Floating Vanities here.

2. Angeles Freestanding Series: 30 Inch Bathroom Vanity with Sink in Natural Oak

Angeles 30″ Freestanding Bath Vanity with Single Reinforced Acrylic Sink

Continuing with the charming theme of warm woods, the Angeles Freestanding Series in 30" in Natural Oak is another great way to add a light wooden element to your bathroom.

When adding a warm wooden vanity such as this in natural oak, it is recommended to pair it with warmer lighting, to help enhance both effects. This can really help create a warm and soothing atmosphere to call your own sanctuary.

The Angeles stands at 35.25" inches in height and 29.4" inches in width, and is available in other colors such as New England Oak, Rosewood, and more.

If you are looking for a more modern, clean, or contemporary vibe, the Angeles is also available in cement gray and select high gloss colors.

View the 30-Inch Angeles Freestanding Vanity in Natural Oak here.

Explore the full collection of all Angeles Freestanding Vanities here.

3. Dolce Freestanding Series: 30 Inch Bathroom Vanity with Sink in High Gloss Ash Gray

Dolce 30″ Bath Vanity with Single Reinforced Acrylic Sink in High Gloss Ash Gray

For a more modern or contemporary vision, the Dolce Freestanding Vanity in High Gloss Ash Gray offers a unique take and charm that would be great for any bathroom decorated in hints of gray or white.

Standing at 35.5" inches tall and 29.4" inches wide, the 30" Dolce Freestanding Vanity in High Gloss Ash Gray not only provides gorgeous eye-candy, but also ample storage space.

Dolce 30″ Bath Vanity with Single Reinforced Acrylic Sink in Rosewood

For those still leaning towards a classic wooden vanity, rest assured that the Dolce Freestanding series also comes in Rosewood – pictured above – as well as natural oak options.

View the 30-Inch Dolce Freestanding Vanity in High Gloss Ash Gray, Rosewood, or Natural Oak here.

Explore the complete Dolce Freestanding Vanity Series here.

4. Elsa Freestanding Collection: 30 Inch Bathroom Vanity with Sink in Gloss Black


The Elsa Collection is one of the most popular and best-selling modern vanities of today. Available in a wide range of sizes and color options, the new Elsa in Gloss Black deserves attention as a sleek and stunning addition to the line.

Complete with gold handles which pop out in beautiful contrast against the gloss black body, the Elsa Freestanding Vanity in Gloss Black is definitely here to make a statement.

Standing at 35.44" inches tall and 29.53" inches wide across, the Elsa can fit most small to mid-sized bathrooms to give it a touch of class, grace, and beauty like no other.

And if you're looking for more storage in limited space, be sure to check out the Elsa Linen Side Cabinet or Linen Tower here. Shown above in the floating wall-mounted addition in the picture above, the Elsa Linen Side Cabinet can be a great way to add beauty, charm, and functional storage to your bathroom or bedroom.

View the Elsa Linen Side Cabinet or Linen Tower here.

Explore all Floating Linen Side Cabinets or Linen Towers here.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the Elsa Freestanding 30" Vanity also comes in elegant White Oak.

Another stunning addition, to say the least.

View the 30-Inch Elsa Freestanding Vanity in Gloss Black, White Oak, Oak, and more here.

Explore the full Elsa Collection: Freestanding and Floating Vanity Models and Colors here.

5. Kingdee Series: 30 Inch Wall Mounted Floating Vanity with Sink in Light Oak

Kingdee 30'' Wall Mounted Vanity With Acrylic Top in Light Oak

Similar to the Elsa Series, the Kingdee is complete with its own matching side linen cabinet.

Measuring 29.3" inches across and available in several oak or wooden options from white oak, light oak, red oak, smoke oak, and more, the Kingdee is a vastly popular floating vanity model that has stood the time.

Durable, crafted with intention and loved by many, the Kingdee Series in particular has been a brand and model that has been loved generation after generation.

It is also worth nothing that the Kingdee series, constantly popular, can usually be found in some sort of sale. Be sure to view the collection while supplies last using the links below.

View the 30-Inch Kingdee Floating Vanity in Light Oak, White Oak, Smoke Oak, Red Oak, and more here.

Explore the full Kingdee Series and Kingdee Linen Cabinets and Towers here.

6. Alysa Series: Minimal 30 Inch Floating Bathroom Vanity with Sink in Red Oak


Closely related to the previous Kingdee Series, the Alysa is similar in the sense that it can be matched perfectly with a Kingdee Linen Side Cabinet or Linen Tower.

The Alysa, put simply, is a tight, minimal rendition of the Kingdee. It doesn't take much space. 

But when installed in the right conditions, the Alysa is a subtle statement to behold.

Perfect for those looking for a more subtle or subdued addition to their bathroom, the Alysa in particular, in red oak or smoke oak, can be a great addition to a gray-themed Hygge or Japandi bathroom.

Paired with dim lighting such as the scene above, the Alysa excels in helping set the atmosphere for a relaxing, yet focused bathroom space and sanctuary rooted in intention.

The Alysa 30" Floating Vanity measures 29.5" inches wide across.

View the 30-Inch Alysa Floating Vanity in Red Oak here.

Explore the full Alysa Floating Vanity Series here.

7. Bethany Series: 30 Inch Floating Bathroom Vanity with Sink in White Oak

Bethany 30'' Wall Mounted Vanity with Reinforced Acrylic Sink in White Oak

Last but not least, time has led us here again: the beautiful Bethany Floating Vanity Series in White Oak.

Complete with gold handles, the Bethany Floating Vanity Series is the epitome of elegance.

A light touch that can bright up any bathroom, the Bethany goes great with brighter lights, off-white or marble walls, and so forth.

Measuring 29.31" inches across, this gorgeous floating vanity can generally be found on sale while it lasts.

Be sure to explore the Bethany series and its options, ranging from gloss black, white oak, light oak, gloss blue, and many more while supplies last.

View the 30-Inch Bethany Floating Vanity in White Oak here.

Explore the full Floating and Freestanding Bethany Series here.

A Final Word: Finding Your Perfect 28-30" Inch Vanity Takes Time

So there you have it: the top 7 28-30 inch bathroom vanity brands of 2023. We hope that you find this information useful in the search for your next perfect vanity. Because at Moreno Bath, we understand that finding the right piece can make all the difference, especially when space is limited. It is always recommended to take your time in planning your next vanity or bathroom remodel, so you can maximize your value and joy gained throughout the process.

If you're still searching for more options, be sure to explore our vast and gorgeous collections of 28-30 Inch Bathroom Vanities here.

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