Bismus Series 8" Triple Valve Shower Set

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Invite yourself to a rainfall every time you shower with the Bismus Series shower set. An eight inch square shower head flows plenty of water over you and immerses you in what a shower should be. Switch to the handheld wand for spot washes and easy cleaning. Rubber tips help resist hard water stains on the polished chrome finish. Treat yourself.

Moreno Bath focuses on limiting its impact on the environment by developing and providing a sustainable and unique product for you whether it’s for your business or home. With our advancement in technologies, we have become a reference point within our industry.

Product Info:

  • German Engineering Solid Brass Construction Valve
  • Valve Installation with Threded 1/2" MIP - No more Messy Welding!
  • Valve with Plastic Protection Cover, Installation Level and Depth Indicator
  • Super Slim Solid Brass 1pc Construction Shower Head - No Seams = No Leaks!
  • Silicone Tips on both Rain Shower and Handheld for Calcium Buildup - Easy to Clean
  • Easily Control both Temperature and Water Volume with one Hand
  • Handheld Water Supply Adapter with Handheld Support - No Extra Holes on Your Tiles!
  • Depth Adjustable Cover Plates
  • Triple Chromed for Durability and Longevity